PD Dr Markus Reiners
Political Scientist MA
Background and Summary Vita


I hold a master's degree (MA) in Political Science (major), Jurisprudence and Psychology, with consolidation studies in Sociology and Philosophy, a doctoral degree (PhD/Dr. phil.) in Political and Administrative Science and a postdoctoral degree (Dr. habil.) in Political Science.


At the Leibniz University of Hanover I work - similar to an Associate Professorship - as a Privatdozent of Political Science. Formerly I researched and taught at various other universities (cp. Academic lectureships).


In addition to my scientific commitment, I support the State Ministry of the Interior Baden-W├╝rttemberg on digitization issues and the State Capital Stuttgart as a Councilor.


See also on various social media, especially on XING and LinkedIn.



Political Science is an international scientific discipline, and I also work in an international context. Therefore, the following pages are presented predominantly in English.