PD Dr Markus Reiners
Political Scientist MA
Background and Summary Vita:


I┬┤m a Political Scientist with a high-ranked research output, focused especially on the wide range of Modernizing and Sustainability of States in regard of several research focal points.


I hold a master's degree (Magister Artium/M.A.) of Political Science (major), Jurisprudence and Psychology with consolidation studies of Sociology and Philosophy, a doctoral degree/PhD (Dr. phil.) of Political and Administrative Science and a postdoctoral degree (Dr. habil.) of Political Science at the Leibniz University of Hanover. At the same university I work as a Privatdozent of Political Science. Formerly I taught at various other universities (cp. Academic Lectureships).


In addition to my scientific commitment, i.a. I support the State Capital Stuttgart as a Councilman and the Ministry of the Interior of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


On request I also support other public, private and political institutions as a Scientific Reviewer, Scientific Policy Advisor, Scientific Lecturer and Speaker in the field of my research projects and related issues.


Do not hesitate to contact me.


Cp. also on various social media, especially on XING and LinkedIn.



Political Science is an international scientific discipline, and I also work in an international context. Therefore, the following pages are predominantly presented in english.