Advisor, Reviewer, Lecturer and Speaker


Scientific Policy Advisor

Scientific Policy Advice is an additional field that I feel obliged to use theoretical knowledge for practice. I´m present through lectures, but also on scientific reports, comments, statements, practical guidance and expertise, in the field of my research projects and - for instance - also in the field of strategic organization of several institutions and process control, inclucing valuable contacts with science, business, administration and politics (all system levels). Further details and my contact details can be found on the previous linksYou are welcome to contact me, if you need advice and support in the aforementioned areas and the area of Political Operations, Government Relations, Public Affairs etc.



Scientific Reviewer

Furthermore I´m acting as a Scientific Reviewer for various institutions and for international ranked and open or double-blind peer-reviewed journals.



Scientific Lecturer & Speaker

In addition - and especially in the field of my research projects - I am acting as a Scientific Lecturer & Speaker. I´m available for scientific lectures, presentations, speeches, panel discussions, hearings, conferences or symposia and so on. I give critical and provocative insight, food for thought, and I try to reduce over-complexity. Do not hesitate to contact me.



Previously these aforementioned scientific activities are predominantly made via former Inposico Institute – Public Research Center and Advisory Group (formerly Inposico Institute of Political Science and Consulting), which was co-founded by myself and which I predominantly led as an Executive Director. Today I´m also acting independent and freelanced as well as in collaboration with other scientists of course. I'm working e.g. for an international scientific Think Tank, the Public Policy Cooperation, Competence Center and Expertise Hub of Digitization, eDemocracy, Modernization and Reform Policy (formerly Public Policy Competence Pool), also as a Director and formerly as a Managing Director. Further details can be found in my CV. In my full list of publications (download version) you also can see a small selection of some invitations.